Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy First Blogiversary!

Well, I made it a whole year on the ole blog!  There were times where I was MIA for a bit, but for the most part, I stuck with it!  Thanks to all of you who read it and have encouraged me along the way.  I have really been missing blogging, but the past few months have been a big transition with the new job and I'm just finding that I don't have as much time as I used to.  Never fear, though, loyal readers because there's plenty of material to write about.

In honor of my Blogiversary, let's celebrate by recapping what we all learned/did this year:

-Hawaii is awesome.  We are actually going back in August, but to Oahu this time.  Can't wait!
-We checked another state off my Bucket List by spending 4th of July in MONK (Middle of Nowhere Kansas).
-We said goodbye to Harry Potter.  Le Sigh.
-We ran a 5K race in honor of my Aunt Ann.
-Mrs. JHutch had a beautiful baby girl.
-We spent a fab Labor Day weekend watching the Tigers kill the Ducks
-We had two BIG disasters with American Airlines.  First this then that.
-We saw Carrie's Quads LIVE and in the flesh.  I mean, I was way far away, but that still counts.  We saw her at Bayou Country Superfest on Memorial Day weekend, which I haven't blogged about yet.  But I will.  Promise.
-We went to my Ten Year High School reunion solo because Princess had the stomach bug.
-I blogged in November, which included my Halloween post of Pman and Princess as Pebbles and BamBam
-We learned that my two months on bed rest pretty much sucked.
-We talked about the lack of credibility on the fashion police team.
-We went to the Nutcracker for my birthday.
-We spent Christmas in Miami.
-LSU played Alabama in the National Championship game.  and LOST.  Le Sigh.
-P-man and Princess turned TWO.
-We went jumping on a trampoline.
-We went Amish for a week.
-Da Broussards moved back to Louisiana.  Sad face.
-We found out that I'm going to be aunt again to a precious baby girl!

Not a bad year, if you ask me.  Thanks again for reading.  Happy Blogiversary!

Much love,

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