Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ironic, dontcha think?

Does anyone else find it very ironic that the Fashion Police team is made up people that have been on the Worst Dressed List???

Take, for example, one Joan Rivers.  Who has had 5 too many cosmetic surgeries.  Don't get me wrong, I ain't above a nip or a tuck or a lift, but don't we think there's a line somewhere??  I think Ms. Rivers may have crossed it.  Anyway... she dishes out the fashion judgments on E's Fashion Police Show, when she, herself, was on the Worst Dressed List!  Here she is at the 2003 Emmy Awards.

And then, there's Kelly Osbourne.  Her style is a little out there at times, and she was on the Grammy's Worst Dressed List just this year.

Guilana Rancic is also on the Fashion Police team.  While she usually has impeccable taste with her award show ensembles, I wasn't a fan of her choice for the Oscars this year.  And I think we could all agree that homegirl could afford to eat a few Ho Hos and be okay.

And then there's George Kotsiopoulos.  I don't have much beef with you, Georgy.  At least we can count on you to be eccentric and honest about fashion choices, right?

Maybe I'm just out here by myself on this topic... but I just find it disturbing that Joan Rivers is dishing out fashion best and worst lists.

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