Monday, January 9, 2012

Keep Calm and Beat Bama

Today is GAMEDAY!!!  For us LSU folks, it's like all your best Christmas mornings all rolled into one.  (I may have mentioned this to you before??)

The BCS National Championship game is tonight and LSU will play Alabama (again).  The game is being playing the Superdome in New Orleans so it's practically a home game for us.  Hubs is down in the Big Easy with all his buddies getting into who-knows-what kind of shenanigans.  I'm super jealous.  Just to be down there in that atmosphere would be all worth it.  Hubs doesn't have a ticket for the game but he's hoping he'll get lucky and stumble across someone who may have an extra ticket.  Wish him luck!

So since I can't be in NOLA, I thought I'd at least share some of my favorite things about New Orleans that I might have experienced today if I was there.  (Oh, and just so we're clear... please don't pronounce this "Nawlins".  That annoys me.)  You won't be surprised here to learn that most of my favorite things involve food or drink...

Beignets and Cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde.  The mess is inevitable.  Don't even try to keep the powdered sugar off your pretty black pants.  It's all part of the experience.

Carriage rides in front of Jackson Square.  (Not that I've ever actually done this, but still...)

Shrimp Po Boy

I just love the whole look of buildings in the French Quarter.  The cleanliness is a whole other issue...

People watching in the French Quarter is outstanding.

Bourbon Street, oh Bourbon Street.  There is none other like you.  Cleanliness is also an issue here.  Well, more like non existent.  People watching is fantastic here as well.

Stumbling upon random artists like painters, musicians, and these tap dancers.  
(I can't tell if these guys have actual taps on the bottom of their sneakers, but I've seen some tap dancers with bottle caps glued to the bottom of their shoes.)

Abita Beer.  The Strawberry Lager should be coming out soon.  It's a seasonal beer for spring.

The patio at Pat O's with a hurricane.  The Piano Bar here is awesome as well.

Did I mention the people watching?
Yes, I'm aware they are LSU fans.  I'm not ashamed.  Can I have a hug?

King Cake with yummy cream cheese filling...

The Honey Badger.  He has a drink named after him.

The Superdome

Who will in the Crystal Ball???

Here's hoping that the Mad Hatter will pull it off tonight!  

Much love,

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