Monday, November 21, 2011

Bed Rest In Pictures

I promised you pictures of my little bed rest journey, so here ya go...

When my Big Sis drove down to see me she brought my precious nephews Jack Attack and Jon Jon.  The timing of my bedrest was terrible because they missed their 2nd birthday party! So we had a little impromptu party in my room for them.  :)

Yes I colored signs with crayons.  I was in a hospital and BORED.

Snuggled up with Jack Attack.  :)

As I mentioned before, the room was entirely depressing, so I had to decorate it with something.  P-man and Princess initials and some family photos that I clipped to my blinds (which opened to an ugly view) with clothespins.

Just ONE of the many, many arrangements of flowers I received from people

With my favorite boys! 

They gave me my first wheelchair ride on Thanksgiving day.

Sprinkles cupcakes for my birthday!  On my birthday, the floor had a bigger room that opened up and they asked me if I wanted to move to it.  Duh.  I moved.

 Once I could have wheelchair rides on a daily basis, it was time to go shopping in the gift shop... 

Ha!  Twin onesies.

Initial onesies

Weenie dog outfits!!

Our Christmas card picture.  Which I sent by email.

Our Christmas tree.

My topper, which was a gift from my friend Emily.  I still have this hanging in my house.  :)

This is what my window sill looked like on Christmas day.
I hung all of our Christmas cards on the blinds with my pictures, along with some pictures drawn by little friends.  You'll also notice there is a dorm frig in the corner.  My dad brought me that thing to keep in my room, which turned out to be great to keep some food in there.  That was literally the same frig I had in my dorm room.  And, of course, our Christmas presents...

A friend from work gave me an LSU snuggie for Christmas.  Quite possibly the most thoughtful gift ever.  Too bad I look like a giant purple house in it though.

Hubs trying it on.

LSU hats from a visitor/friend.

We had so many people send us things saying that they were thinking about / praying for us.  This was one of the gift baskets that we got from a friend I used to work with.

A stocking full of goodies from another visitor.

I mentioned that after 30 weeks I was allowed to go to "Group" for chatting and crafting.  These are some of the things we made in group:

Christmas cards made with ink stamps and then colored with colored pencils.

Gingerbread house.

Painted picture frames, with sonogram pictures in them.

Name bracelets

(I don't know what to really call this thing.. Inspirational plaque??)  Painted this and put the quote on there.

Our exciting, wild, and fabulous New Year's Eve.  It involved TWO wheelchairs rides.  Crazy, yo.
I can neither confirm nor deny that I fell asleep before midnight.

DISCHARGE DAY!!  Peace out, depressing room!!

Making my escape.

When I walked in the house after being gone for two months, I thought the house smelled weird.  Isn't that weird?

After being home for a few days, I was adventurous and Hubs took me to Target.

I also have to mention that while Big Sis and Dad and Stepmom were in town to visit me, they finished my nursery.  Like did everything.  When I went into the hospital, we (Hubs) had done nothing except paint the walls.  
Big Sis had shipped the beds (which were handmade by my dad) and Hubs put them together.  My mom made the bedding for me, and everyone completed my nursery for me.  I'm beyond thankful for everything that they did for me.  I was SO super sad that I wasn't able to do put my nursery together.  That's supposed to be the fun part... getting everything ready and getting all the stuff.  But if I wasn't able to do it, there's no other person I'd leave the fate of my nursery to than my Big Sis.
The day I came home from the hospital, it was the first thing I went to see, and it was perfect!!

Much love,

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