Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Crafty and I Know It

This year I decided that the bambinos were going to be Pebbles and Bam Bam for Halloween.  I knew it would be precious for them!  I scoured the internet looking for a cute costume, and found some.  But they were THIRTY DOLLARS EACH.  (See previous post about being cheap.)  And it's not even like they're full costumes.  I mean, Bam Bam basically wears a loin cloth and no shirt for pete's sake.  My mom has a sewing machine and I did a little sewing back in the day, so I figured I could do better than 60 bones for two Halloween costumes for toddlers.  I headed to the fabric store to see what I could round up.  I searched all the clearance aisles and scored.  I got the perfect fabric and materials.  All for the low price of $15.  My mom helped me sew the bloomers for Princess, but other than that, I made their entire costumes.

For Princess' top, I used one of her A-line dresses as a guide to cut the front and back, and just sewed the two together.  I cut out the small black pieces from black felt and used Stich Witchery to iron them on.  Once I tried it on her, I cut the zig zag bottom.  Her bone bow was made from two pieces of white felt that I cut out and sewed together and then hot glued to a hair clip.
For P-Man's "loin cloth" aka "skirt", I used a pair of shorts that fit him as a guide for how wide to make the waist.  I cut a front and back piece and sewed the two together.  To get it on him, I just cut a small piece from the side.  Once I tried it on him, I cut the zig zag hem.  For the sash, I just cut another piece of the brown material and measured it over his shoulders to see how long to make it.  I used safety pins to attach it to his loin cloth.  I used the Stitch Witchery again to put the black spots on his costume.  For his club, I cut out two pieces of white felt and sewed the two together and stuffed with polyfill.

I was pretty proud of my craftiness and I think their costumes turned out really cute.  I'd say that the 2 hours that they wore the costumes was worth the $15.

Trying on the costumes

I am Bam Bam!

Pebbles.  I loved her hair!

We took them a Fall Fest and they had a petting zoo.  Princess was really excited to pet the bunnies.

P-Man was not too sure on the all the animals.

One thing he was sure about was the truck he was holding.  He did not let it go the ENTIRE night.

Headed to ride the ponies

P-Man did NOT want to ride the pony

No pony rides for P-man, but he was all about the tricycle ride.

Hope yall had a fun and safe Halloween!

Much love,

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