Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Game of the Century

Well, folks.  Today is the day.  The Game of the Century… aka the LSU-Alabama game.  This game has had an abundance of media attention followed by overwhelming hype nationwide.  The #1 LSU Tigers will take on #2 Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa.    Both LSU and Bama come into the game undeafeated for the season and coming off a bye-week.  If you look passed all rankings, statitics, reports, etc. surrounding this game, perhaps what makes this game even bigger is the fact that Alabama's head coach Nick Saban was once the LSU head coach who revived it's football program in the early 2000s.  He left LSU for the NFL, only to return to as an NCAA coach a year later… and to an LSU rival.  The University of Alabama. 

 But while Saban is hated exponentially by the Tiger Nation, LSU head coach Les Miles is loved to the infinite degree.  (At least right now, anyway.  Start losing, and we Tiger fans will turn on you.)  He is quirky, funny, and weird.  His vocabulary and phrases are repetitive.  He is not afraid of taking risks, running fake plays, or pulling out the trickery.  And besides the fact that the man claps with his palms, eats grass from the field, and wears hit hat just a little too high, Coach Miles seems to actually be a nice guy.  
Palm clap

Eating grass from the field


I read an article by ESPN yesterday that went into full detail about his life as coach and as a family guy.  It's a great article about the ups and downs of being a high profile coach, all the while trying to be a present father to his 4 children under the age of 18.   I won't try to recap it for you, so just go here if you want to read it.

We will be tuned into GameDay all morning and of course be glued tonight when the game kicks off.  If you're in the nieghborhood, stop by for a drink!  GEAUX TIGERS!!

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