Monday, August 29, 2011

A Buggy and a Brunch

Well, this weekend was slap full of stuff.  Friday evening we didn't do too much, except go to the grocery store, in which we inevitably forget something(s), and therefore I was back at the store the next day.  But whatevs.  The kids like riding in the fun buggy like this one.  And yes, I call it a buggy.  Not a shopping cart.  
And what cutie patooties.

Saturday morning I got up and went for a run.  Though I hated getting up early on Saturday, it felt good to get a run in.  I ran 3 miles with a record pace!  Hopefully I will be ready for Garden of the Gods in a few weeks.
After my run, I had to go to work for a little bit (bleh!).  I came home around 3 and started cooking.  I was scheduled to bring food to a family in our Sunday school class that just had a baby.  Hubs had already cooked the chicken and rice casserole, and I had cooked brownies the night before, so all I had to do was the greens beans and rolls.  I then started cooking pumpkin bread for a baby shower on Sunday.  While that was baking, I ran to the store to get some flowers and cooking spray because yes, I forgot those the night before.  Princess and I ran to drop-off the casserole (Does saying "casserole" make me sound old?) and what-nots to the new parents and they were very thankful for the meal.  I know it sure helped us in those first few weeks not to have to think about what we were going to eat.  I'm happy to do it for others.

Saturday night, our friend Nick and Court hosted a Tailgating Practice Party.  Not that we really need any practice, but it's still fun to get together with friends and get pumped up about the game this weekend!  We all dressed in purple and gold and the bambinos had THE best time running around.  Nick and Court have two big black labs and Princess is in looooove with dogs.  The fact that the dog is twice as big as her doesn't scare her.  Neither does the loud barking.  In fact, she thinks it's just funny.  It's pretty precious to watch.  P-man wasn't so fond of being down on the floor with the dogs.  He did think they were funny from up high in mommy or daddy's arms though.  Aunt Court was gracious enough to feed them crackers all night long, which they highly enjoyed.

Mouth full o' crackers!  (I think it's funny how it looks like Princess' belly is propping her up.  Ha!)
Tryin to cheese it with a mouth full
By the time we left, this is pretty much how Princess felt.  Quite tired. Haha!  Gosh, those kiddos make me laugh.

So, I mentioned a baby shower.  My sweet friend Mrs. JHutch is pregnant with baby #2.  Her first little one is 11 days older than Princess and P-Man and we have become very close since joining our church a few years back.  I'm so blessed to be her friend!  You can read her blog over here.  We had a diaper shower Sunday morning in our Sunday school class for her and had a delicious brunch.  I was too busy eating the yummy  food that I didn't take any pictures of us together, but this is a pic of us from P-man and Princess' birthday party back in January.

And here are some pictures of the spread from her shower yesterday:

Annnd, now I want some Monkey bread. 

Only 5 days left until LSU kickoff!!  And only 3 days left until our house guests start arriving! 

Much love,

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  1. Aww. Sweet post. I am so thankful for you!! And, the monkey bread and pumpkin bread were delicious!