Wednesday, August 31, 2011

19 Months and Counting...

My bambinos are now 19 months old.  Which means they are now closer to two years of age, than one.  Which is pretty mind blowing.  With fall pretty much here, that means their birthday is basically around the corner.  We always have an extremely busy fall.  Football season eats up a lot of our time, but then family birthdays pop up starting in October, continuing through November and into December.  Then it's Christmas and New Years and BAM!  My kids are TWO!
We are really enjoying this age with them.  In the past month, they have gotten to be such fun playmates.  Chasing each other around the house, talking to each other, laughing at each other, and tackling one another are just a few of the things we see them do on a daily basis.  We are trying to soak up this age as much as we can.  It's been SO fun watching them learn new things and new words.  It seems they learn a new word everyday, incorporating into their extensive vocab.

Since I've started this blog thing, I figure I can take some time out to write a little something to my cutie pies telling them what they are like at this age.  I suppose that's what the baby book's for, but who am I kidding???  There isn't one thing written in their baby books.  (Bad, Mommy!!)  Oh, wait, I take that back.  Their names are in there.

To Mi Princesita:

Currently, you have been pretty attached to Mommy.  I can honestly say that you nor your brother have really gone through the "attachment" thing yet.  I suppose because we were never afraid to leave you with others from the time you were born.  But because my work has been so crazy lately (with travel and long hours), I think you are really noticing how little I have been home over the past few weeks.  I hate not being able to be there all the time, but I pray you understand and know that it will pass.  Here are few notes as to what you are up to lately:

  • It makes me melt when you see me and yell happily, "Mommy!!!!"  and run to me to pick you up.  
  • You looooooooove to snuggle and that's cool with me.
  • You call your blanket "baby" for some reason.
  • You love dogs and watch to chase after them.
  • You are well-versed in the nighttime routine.  After bath, we put on PJs, drink milk, and then you say "Seep" (Sleep) and then "Nigh, Nigh" (Night, night).  
  • You are still the first to rise in the mornings.  And you usually get upset when you wake up.  Crying for someone to come get you.  When I pick you up, you snuggle up to me like a good little girl.
  • You are very particular about the things you want and the way you want them.  And you get mad when things don't go your way.  Like mommy, much??
  • You love stuffed animals like a little girl should.  Your current favorite is "Bear".
  • You always kiss me and tell me you love me when I go to work in the morning.
To my P-man:

You have not been as attached to me lately as your sister has been.  You have been more lovey-dovey on Daddy.  And that's ok, because I know you'll soon come around.  You are still the cutest little boy I know with your big dimples.  Your hair is out.of.control.  It gets so long, so fast.  And you don't particularly like getting a haircut.  In fact, we took you for one yesterday you were unhappy the entire time.  :(  But boy did you look handsome when it was done.  I wasn't quiiiiite happy with the way the hair was trimmed over your ears and back of your neck.  It needed a little more trimming, so trim I did.  The back came out perfect.  So did one of your ears.  But the other one.... let's just say that I cut a little high so you have funny lines now.  Sorry 'bout that.  But it'll grow back.  (And isn't every parent allowed to cut their kid's hair once, mess it up, and vow to never do it again???)  Here's what you've been up to lately.

  • You play with trucks like a little boy should.  (Isn't it funny how boys/girls naturally gravitate towards toys??)
  • You are seriously a genius when  it comes to building blocks.  We have Mega Blocks at home and you loooooove to play with them.  That's the only toy that you will sit still with for longer than 1 minute.  In fact, you have been known to play with blocks for an hour at a time carefully building one block on top of the other.
  • Your favorite word of the moment is "no".  Which does not thrill me.  You have been telling me "No" recently to things, so we are battling through it.  Here's a little foreshadowing for you:  Mommy wins!  :)
  • Your favorite toy recently has been an RV.  Actually, if I'm being precise, it's really a toy-hauler.  It's a tiny little car, and you like to carry it everywhere.  And you get very upset if I try to take it away.
  • You sleep like a champ!  I mean you and and your sissy both are great sleepers.  You both put yourselves to sleep and sleep all night, but you...  you take it to the next level.  I have to wake you up on most mornings to get ready because you are still sleeping.  You can sleep through Sissy's screaming. You sleep in Saturday mornings, and when you do wake up, you wake up talking and playing in your crib.
  • When I take you shopping (grocery store, mall, or other) you like to randomly say "Hey!" to people.  We will be walking down the aisles and you will randomly smile that sweet little dimple-smile and loudly say, "Hey!" to people.
  • You always kiss me and tell me you love me when I go to work in the morning.
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with these cuties!

Much love,

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