Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten Years Goes Faster Than You Think

I know I'm not having any epiphany that others before me haven't had, BUT… How it is possible that I graduated high school over TEN years ago??  It really does NOT seem like that long ago when my greatest worry in the world was whether or not the Bearcats would win on Friday nights or what dress I was going to wear to the Homecoming dance.  But as time so easily flies, it has alas been ten years since the glory days of high school.  I'm not delusional in thinking that everyone loved high school and "had the time of their lives."  For many, high school actually was the time of their lives and they had fun living it.  For others, high school wasn't so glamorous and they wish they could just forget it.  For me, I guess I fall  somewhere closer to the "high school was fun" category.  I was a good kid in high school.  I stayed out of trouble, made good grades, had abundant friends, was on the dance team, etc. and I never really felt out of place.  Sure, there were times when it was awkward to walk past an ex-boyfriend in the hallways or I completely freaked out because I thought I bombed a chemistry test, but I never thought, "Gosh, I can't wait until this is over."  But then it was over.  We graduated and everyone scattered to their respective places with nothing left but our gradution caps dispersed on the floor of the Assembly Center.  That, and a whole lot of memories.  :)

I have occasionally seen a few folks from high school here and there since we graduated, but for the most part, it literally had been ten years since I'd seen my classmates.  Friday night, we all met at the football game and sat in the Cat Box (which is our high school's version of a student section).  We hardly paid attention to the game because we spent most of the night chatting and catching up with everyone.  It was interesting to try and guess some names, as well.  (Come on.  I graduated with 250 peeps and it has been TEN years , people.)  
 Some of us at the game
Kiley, me, Suzanne at the game

The fun continued into Saturday, when we all had lunch and playtime at the park and everyone brought their kiddies.  It was impossible interesting to try and have a conversation with people at the park because everyone was chasing their kids around.  Lots of 5 second conversations.  :)
 P-man tearing up the newspaper.  I was a mean mommy and did not let him paint a pumpkin.  Sorry, P-man.  
 But I let you play in the dirt!  That totally counts for something.  AND I let you have a cookie.
See the dirt?!?!?!  Boys will be boys.

Saturday night we had dinner at the Country Club along with a live band and we all had a BLAST!  Lemme just say that the class of 2001 still knows how to boogie.  The Reunion Weekend went great and I had so much fun catching up with everyone.  There were lots of new memories made and the laughter never stopped.

This girl still remembers the choreography to the Fight Song.  Girl got skillz.  

 musta been funny?

Here are my Top Ten Moments of Reunion Weekend!

10.  Fellow classmate Chris griping about how he wanted to catch a football at the game.  Ten minutes later a field goal is kicked directly to him and it goes straight through his arms.  Hilarious.
9.  Hating the current Belles/Cheerleaders because their uniforms look like they were actually bought in the same decade. The same could not be said for our uniforms.  
8.  Struggling to remember some classmates' names.  I'm sorry to say it, but it has been ten years people.
7.  Learning that there is an ally in the back of Sundown where people hang out???  Call me naive, but I wasn't the only one who had NO clue it was there.

6.  Realizing that our conversations have drastically changed since high school.  Then:  "Does he like me?  Who are you going to Homecoming with?  Was your test hard?  My parents are driving me crazy."  Now:  "How's your job?  Where do yall live?  How many kids do you have?  My parents are still driving me crazy, but at least they babysit."
5.  Having 5 second conversations at the park because everyone is chasing their kids around.  "Hey!  How are you??  Good??/  K bye.  My child is running in the street..."
4.  Meeting awesome new peeps like JLo's boyfriend Mike and TLiner's fun fiance Martha.
JLo, me, Leah
Jess, TLiner, and Martha
3.  Learning that Patty's wife has an excellent collection of ghetto rap should the need arise. 
2.  Dancing to "My Pony" and remembering that we danced to that song at REC dances.  That song may or may not have been slightly inappropriate when we danced to it, given that the lyrics are somewhat dirty.
Hottness abounds with Leah and Gangsta C

1.  Camille and Jessica's rendition of "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls".  Best.Moment.Of.The.Night.  Seriously.

Here's to another great ten years, yall!

Much love,


  1. LOVE THIS POST! Looks like y'all has a BLAST! Yo look beautiful as ever! And I hate we missed Camille's rendition of that song...bet it was priceless. Can't wait for ours!

  2. I am laughing out loud, this is so funny! Great post. I miss you!

  3. Great summary to a FAB.U.LOUS weekend!!!! The Class of 2011 still has it!!! :D Love you guys! ~Suzanne