Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Ran a Race

I may have mentioned this a time or two, no?

Our Race Day started early.  And by early I mean like 4:30am.  EARLY.  We got up and ate some carbs cuz ya know, we were gonna be running.  And because I like carbs.  Anyway, we had to leave the house by around 6:15.  And that's like, pulling out of the driveway departure time.  And we had to make sure Aunt Ann had time to braid our hair!  See, Aunt Ann has been braiding our hair since we were tiny so it was kinda neat for her to braid it on race day.

P-man, you got something on your chin, buddy.  Princess, are you awake yet?

Jack jack is cool with being up at 5am.  Jon jon... not so much.

About to head to the Garden of the Gods!

Sisters with Aunt Ann.

The Drop-Off:  So parking at Garden of the Gods is basically non-existent.  As in, there is none and you have to park somewhere else and they will shuttle you in.  Perfect!  Oh, except no strollers are allowed on the buses that will shuttle you in.  (What is it with me and these stroller situations?!?!)  So, the boys dropped off Big Sis and myself with strollers and kiddies and they went to do the whole Park-n-Ride thing.  The scenery was gorgeous.  Seriously.  Couldn't have been a better day.  And the weather?  Perfect.  It was pretty chilly before the sun came up, but once it did, perfect.

Sunrise over Garden of the Gods.

Not really wanting to be in a stroller.

The boys were a little chilly.  Mommy forgot jackets.  Oopsie!  You'll be happy to know they survived the chilly temperature of 49 degrees.

It took a little while for the rest of the gang to Park-n-Ride so Big Sis and I were able to pick up my packet, Aunt Ann's packet, and sign up for Hubs to run the race with us.  The packet included a tshirt, bib, and a Free Bloomin' Onion card from Outback.  Score!  Except the card is only valid at the Colorado Springs location.  Of which I discovered once returning to Dallas.  Oh well!  I didn't want that Bloomin' Onion anyway.  Liar. 

Our whole team that was there to run/support us!!!  From L to R:
Hubs, Bambinos (in stroller), me, Dad, AK, Big Sis, Jack jack, Davo, Jon jon (behind Aunt Ann.  Oops), Aunt Ann, Uncle Ed, Uncle Billy and Aunt Lou. 
(I seriously couldn't have picked a worse spot for someone to take our group photo.  In front of port a potties.  Bad lookin' out, E.)
All the girls!

Celebration bibs

Then it was Race Time!  Finally!  It was pretty exciting.  We had been talking about this race since January and it was finally here.  We lined up with the other runners and walkers.

Hubs pushed the bambinos the whole way.  Yep, I'll keep him.

Here we come!!  The last part before the finish line!
We picked up Sissy for the last quarter mile or so.  She really wanted to run with us and it was awesome to have her cross the finish line with us.


Jon jon hopped out to run across the finish line, too!

There we are about to cross together!  Sissy, Big Sis and I held hands as we all crossed together.  It felt SO great to run the entire race and to know we were running for such a great cause.  

Annnnnd, then we saw Aunt Ann coming to give us a hug.  Annnnnnd then we all did the ugly cry.  Dangit.
A moment I'll remember forever!  She was SO touched that we did this for her.  I can't imagine chemo and radiation.  Running a 5K has to be nothing compared to that!

See?  Ugly cry.

P-man loves his Papa G!

Sissy turning in the money she raised for the race.  She got over $200!!

Our beautiful survivor Aunt Ann!!!  :)

After an awesome morning at the race, we headed back to sister's house for our Pink Party in honor of Aunt Ann!!

Pink everything!

Including M&Ms.
And balloons.  Can't forget the balloons.

Playing outside again in the gorgeous weather.  My chirrens couldn't get enough of it!

Talking.  The usual.

the back of our t-shirts with our team name:  Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, CURE Forever!

Pman with those legos.

Balloons = Big hit.

Davo carvin up some ham.  You should know it was delicious.  And you should be jealous.

me and hubs.

The whole gang eating a yummy lunch.

Banana pudding = also a big hit.

It was also pink.  Duh.

And then we had one last group photo of everyone.
And Hurray!  Everyone is looking!  Except Princess. Geez, you couldn't take one for the team??  Hey, at least she wasn't crying.  I'll take what I can get.

And then we all crashed.  Well, most of us anyway.  Morning run + food coma = excellent nappage.

Race Day was an awesome day.  Seriously.  Awesome.

Much love,

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