Monday, September 19, 2011


So after our Saturday morning of backyard shenanigans, we headed up Pikes Peak.  Temperature at the base of the mountain:  around 70 degrees.

We stopped at one of the reservoirs on the way up.  Current temp:  Around 60 degrees

Uncle Ed and Aunt Ann.  
 Big Sis, Aunt Ann, yours truly
  Sissy on top of Pikes Peak!  Current temp:  around 39 degrees
 Representin' the Tigers all the way on top of Pikes Peak! 
The Hollises  :)

It's a shame there was a huge dark cloud on top of the mountain so there really wasn't much of a view.  But that's ok cuz no one really drives to the top of a mountain for a view right?  Oh wait...  At least we had good company on the way up and down!  :)

Up Next is Race Day.  For real this time.  Promise.  Unless I decide to write about something else.  Kidding!

Much love,

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