Friday, September 16, 2011


I know, I know...  I told you I would be writing about Race Day.  But I like to do things in chronological order.  Sue me.

We arrived in the Denver airport on Friday evening around 6:45pm and by the time we did the whole taxiing, bag claming, shuttling, and rental car pickup mumbo jumbo it was 8pm before we even got on the road to Colorado Springs.  We finally got to House of Hollis around 9:15pm.   The bambinos were super tired, so we got them to bed pretty much right away and then we were able to visit with the fam which included Big Sis, Major (aka Uncle Davo), Jack jack, Jon jon, my Dad (aka Papa G), and Sissy.  Oh, and dessert.  We ate dessert.  Our family can't survive without dessert.  Focus, Erin.  No one is reading this to learn about your unhealthy use of Bluebell ice cream...

So anyway, on Saturday morning there wasn't much planned.  Uncle Billy and Aunt Lou came over to the house and we all watched the kiddies play in the backyard.  The weather in Colorado was ah-maze-ing!  Slightly chilly in the morning, but once the sun comes up, it's absolutely perfect.  Highs in the upper 70s?  Yes, please.  We had some good family time waiting for the guest(s) of honor to arrive:  Aunt Ann and Uncle Ed.  This is what our morning looked like:
Jack Jack and P Man

P-man you look good on a tractor.  Better start mowing that grass...

Jon Jon playin a little football

Sissy and Princess

Tio and Jon Jon playing football

Who doesn't love a wagon ride from Daddy?

Chase.  John Deere style.

Run off that energy, Jack jack.

Or play ball.  Whatever works.  (Right, Mommy?)

Uncle Davo helping Princess swing

Papa G and Uncle G (aka Uncle Billy) chattin' it up

Sissy and Jack jack chattin' it up

Jon jon helping P-man out.  Isn't that just the sweetest???!

A boy and his trucks.  There's no denying the love.

That's me playing some football with my dad.

Look at that spiral.

Reason #498 that I wish we lived close to my Big Sis and her fam:  Backyard shenanigans with the kiddies.

Much love,

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