Thursday, September 22, 2011


It's that time of year again!  The Fall TV premieres are back in full force and my DVR is filling up quickly.  (What did we do before the DVR???  Seriously.  Best thing ever.  Like anyone could actually figure out how to set their VCR timer…)  Anyway, I self-admittingly watch way too much TV.  Much to a disgruntled Hubs who would rather record Hell's Kitchen than see 5 unwatched episodes of Gossip Girl on the DVR.  But he knows I'll get to them eventually.  Or watch them on Hulu… whatevs.  But there's lots of good TV junk to choose from.  I present to you my Fall Lineup!  And I'm starting with Monday because that's when I feel like my week starts even though I know it's "technically" Sunday.  But Sunday's still part of the weekend.  That is, until about 8pm on Sunday night when you realize the weekend is over and Monday-Morning is rearly it's ugly head.  But that's besides the point…

Fall TV Must-Haves:


Dancing with the Stars.  This season will be… interesting, to say the least.  Here's the cast breakdown fer ya:
Dude-who-does-nothing-for-a-living-except-mooch-off-his-sisters, "reality star" Rob Kardashian
Has-more-sequins-on-his-costume-than-his-female-partner, fashion expert Carson Kressley
Transgender, activist and author Chaz Bono. 
One-Hit-Wonder-from-a-group-back-in-the-day, singer Chynna Phillips
Says-he's-sober-but-who-is-he-fooling, actor David Arquette
Famous-for-being-Clooney's-Ex-and-Language-Barrier-City, model Elisabetta Canalis
The-"B!#@$"-from-the-Hills-who-says-she-not-a- B!#@$, reality star Kristen Cavallari
Firey-CNN-host, Nancy Grace
Former-Trashy-Talk-Show-host, Ricki Lake
Burned-in-action-soldier-and actor, JR Martinez
Buff-enough-to-beat-up-her-male-partner, soccor player Hope Solo
Changed-his-name-to-Metta-World-Peace-for-no-apparent-reason, former basketball star Ron Artest

I can't wait to see what this season has in store!  SPOILER ALERT:  Mr. World Peace already got the boot.  Sorry, but your dancing was terrible.

Gossip Girl
What will be in store this season for our Upper East Siders??  No idea.  Except, of course, the fabulous shoes, clothes, and handbags.  And the shoes.  Can't forget the shoes.  There may be a storyline thrown in there somewhere…

 One Tree Hill
So juvenile of me, I know.  (Sue me!) but I still like this show.  The 9th and final season and currently in production.  But I don't think it's coming back on air until like January or something.  Oh, the suspense…  How are Brooke and Julian handling life with twins??  How are Nathan and Haley adjusting to Nathan's new job with a newborn in tow??  Will Clay and Quin get married??  Will Millie and Mouth??  Are Chase and Alex still hot n heavy??  And rumor has it that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) will be back.  Oh the possibilities…

This is one of those shows that I liked at first but never really watched it, but everybody talks about it.  I watched the premiere on Tuesday night and it was just so-so.  We'll see what happens.  Until I see something amazing, it doesn't get on my DVR.  Sorry, Gleeks.

New Girl
I'm digging this new show and it's already been set to record on my DVR.  Zooey Deschanel is perfect as the quirky-girl-post-breakup.
 DWTS : The Results Show
To watch ABC fill an hour's worth of a show to kick off one couple.  Duh.

Modern Family
LOVE.THIS.SHOW.   This show won big at the Emmy awards recently in the Comedy category and for good reason:  It's FUNNY.  If you're not watching it, you should be.  Period.

This used to be LOST night and I really miss that show.  Just wanted to share.

Up All Night
A new show on NBC about a couple who has a newborn and Mom returns to her full-time job while Dad is the stay-at-home parent.  I watched the pilot and it's funny.  I can SO relate to a lot of things on this show.

The Office
Can this show go on without Michael Scott??  We will find out tonight!

This show premieres tonight after The Office.  It looks pretty funny so I'll check it out.  But I don't have it set to Record Series yet.  Geez, I'm not that easy.

30 Rock
Another really funny show.  This usually comes on before (or maybe after?) The Office.  I'm not sure when it's coming back but this is supposed to be the last season (Tear).  I obviously don't know much about this show except that it's funny.  And that's really all you need to know too.  Set your DVRs.
THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ON TV ON FRIDAY NIGHTS.  There is only Dateline.  But do I really need to see another episode on catching and confronting petophiles??  Or an unsolved murder mystery that will give me nightmares for weeks??  No thanks, NBC.  You should have stuck to Friday Night Lights.  Because that show rocked.  And because Tim Riggins was nice to look at.  (Muah, Hubs!)
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose!  

Maybe no one airs anything good on Friday nights because everyone is out doing something instead of going to sleep at 9pm???  Le Sigh.*  Such is the life. 

*Side note:  I stole "Le Sigh" from Tia over at her blog.  Cuz she's funny and fabulous.  Just ask her and she'll tell you herself how funny and fab she is.  :)  Hope that's ok.  Hugs! *

College Gameday.  Duh.

LSU game.  Duh.

Ok, I'll stop saying "Duh".  Maybe.

We watch whatever NFL game we can get in our neck o' the woods.  Which, sadly, is never the Saints game.

Amazing Race
I want to be on this show.  El Cubano and I would make for awesome TV.  The new season premieres this Sunday.  I love this show.  Until I realize halfway through that I will have to get up tomorrow morning and go to work.  And then my night is pretty much shot.

What are your faves??

Much love,

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