Monday, July 4, 2011

I Know a Place Where...

I want to tell you of this place I know. It's a place where the roads are dirt and a "busy" traffic day is if 3 cars pass by your place.  Your closest neighbor is 2 miles away and he's always willing to lend a helping hand.  On any given day you'll see deer, turkeys, pheasants, dove, turtles, skunks, and bullfrogs.  It's a place where the evenings are quiet and the nights are silent.
I know a place where...

...the boys like to take a ride on Papa G's golf cart.
...downtown is two blocks.
...going to the movies only costs you $5.  (But plan ahead; they only run twice a month.) can buy your salsa, jam, and fresh basil in the park in town.

...the shopping downtown has everything you need. Including old Vick's Vaporub tins.
...the buildings downtown are so old that bricks are falling from them.
...the grocery store is locally owned and not a chain store.
...little boys play with (water) guns.
...4-wheeler rides are a must.
...the kids jump in the pool to cool off.

...the search for wildlife never ceases.

...the old(er) can feel and act young again.

...and the young learn what the old used to do to pass the time.'s ok for babies to not wear a diaper.
...a watergun fight might break out at any moment.
...a Popsicle in the yard is the perfect after-supper snack.
...sharing is encouraged. can catch a bullfrog. take an evening walk with your niece because the nighttime breeze is too good to pass up.
...little boys gets really dirty 'cause that's what little boys are supposed to do.
...a family photo op on the farm is never passed up.

...the camp truck is painted camo.

...the kids can't eat enough popsicles.

This place is called Kamp Kansas.

Much love,


  1. This looks awesome! Wonderful family time!

  2. What a great family we have! OF COURSE the Scriber boys would have a wheat farm in Kansas... it makes sense! :) Love yall! So glad yall had fun!