Monday, January 30, 2012

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday

First off, I can't even believe I'm talking about my kids' SECOND birthday, but I am.  

This year for PMan and Princess' birthday, I did a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Theme.  They really love when we read the book and I thought it would be a great theme for the party.  I had the entire story of the book represented as people made their way through the party.  This post is an overview of the party.  I will post again with more pictures with friends and family, along with a "how-to" of the things that I was able to make myself.


This sign was placed as people pulled onto our street, which is the first line of the book.  I painted this sign myself.  I wanted to do it on canvas, but a girl's got to cut costs somewhere, and canvas and acrylics ain't cheap, yo.  Oh, and it's dark outside because I forgot to take pics of this before the party started...

The front of the house.  Balloons because, well, it's a birthday party.  And the next line of the book hung on the front door.

The tiny caterpillar hung in the entrance of the house and was the first thing guests saw when they arrived.

Tissue pom caterpillar.  Directions to come in the "how-to" post.

Next came the food tables. 

Most of the color theme was bright green and apple red, like the book, so I chose those colors for the paper goods.

Each of the food signs followed the days of the week and foods that the caterpillar ate throughout the book.  The first table was all the fruit (Monday through Friday days).

Caterpillar banner that hung above the food.

The next table was food for Saturday and Sunday.  I threw in a few extra foods that went along with the theme, like butterfly crackers and mini-sandwiches arranged in the shape of a caterpillar.

Butterfly crackers to go with the salami and Swiss cheese

"One slice of Swiss cheese."  "One slice of Salami"  And some cubed cheese thrown in.

"one sausage."  I did little smokies in the crockpot.

Instead of actually having ice cream, I baked cake in the cones and topped with icing to look like ice cream.

I made mini cherry cheesecakes for "one piece of cherry pie."  They were easy and yummy!

Edamame for "one nice green leaf".

On a separate table were the cake and cupcakes, which was in the shape of a caterpillar.

Next was the drink station.  Or "Caterpillar Thirst Quenchers"

old fashioned paper straws because they're cute.

My MIL made a yummy Sangria and we also had Lemonade and water to drink.

As guests passed into the living room, there was a large tissue-pom caterpillar and the next line of the book.

I hung a "cocoon" above our mantel.

And lastly, was the "beautiful butterfly"

For the activity, we had a "beautiful butterfly" station where the kids (and adults) could make their own butterfly to take home.

The treat bags had tags that said "Thanks for crawling over."  Inside were bubbles, sunglasses, and Bug bites snacks.  The kids also selected a lollipop to take home.

And what's a party without coordinating attire??  Princess had a shirt with her name and a butterfly on it and wore black/white polka dot tights under a red tutu skirt that I made for her.  PMan had a shirt with his name on it and a caterpillar, and wore matching pants.  

Here's a family photo with all of us coordinating.  This is pretty close to a perfect picture these days!  
You can also see the pictures on the TV behind me.  We had a slideshow rotating the whole time of pictures of the twinsies from birth until now.  It was fun looking at those pictures and seeing just how much they have grown and changed since birth and how FAST time is going.

I had a lot of fun planning this party, and even more so, watching the kiddies enjoy it.  They had such a great time running around with all their little friends.  And I think all of the adults enjoyed the party as well.  I seriously could have gone even MORE "all-out" but I figured they are only two.

I'll post more party pics soon, along with the "how-tos" for anyone out there who might be interested in throwing this themed party.  :)

PS.  I am available for hire for your next party for a small fee. ;)

Much love,

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  1. Absolutely precious! Happy birthday kiddos!