Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training Day

I’ve never considered myself a “runner”.  While I have always been an active person, I never really enjoyed running.  I always had terrible flashbacks to having to run a mile for a physical fitness test in junior high, ending up with an ache in my side, and then having to face the rest of the school day trying to look like I hadn't just (tried to) run a mile.  With my less than helpful naturally-curly hair, running in humidity is not exactly what a 13 year old girl defines as fun.   Anyway, enough about teenage trauma…
About a year ago, I was sort of getting into a rut with my normal workout routine.  I wanted to shed a few pounds and thought, “well, I guess I’ll give running a try.”  I began to run on the treadmill at the gym a few times a week and it soon became part of my workout regime.  While I still don’t wake up, jump out of bed and throw on my running shoes just dying to hear my feet hit the pavement – I am getting there.

Last December, my sweet and precious Aunt Ann was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Cancer.  What a terrible word.  And how could it be that my Aunt Ann has it???  She has been/is a mom to me in SOOOO many ways.  I couldn’t believe that she had cancer.  When she told the family about it, her response was that she was “peaceful”.  Excuse me?  Peaceful?  Call me crazy, but that was the last thing that entered my mind!  She said she had a very peaceful feeling about the whole situation and that she knew that – just like in other hard times – God would lead her through this, too.  Wow.  What faith.  And what a conviction for me.
My big sis and I were pretty shaken up by this and decided we wanted to do something in honor of Aunt Ann.  I was introduced to the Susan G. Komen foundation in college, as that was my sorority’s philanthropy in college.  It’s a great organization that raises money to find a cure for Breast Cancer.  We decided that we wanted to run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K Race in Colorado’s Garden of the Gods.

Running has become an important part of me now that I am running for a cause.  And more importantly, I am running for Aunt Ann.  Though my sis and I have been running for a while now, our “official” training schedule started this week so we are in full force now!  I’ll keep you posted on my training, Race Day, and Aunt Ann’s fight against cancer.  

Aunt Ann putting on my something borrowed for my wedding.  I wore her pearl necklace as a bracelet.  She also gave me my something old which was my grandmother's handkerchief with an S on it.  Super special.

at cousin MB's wedding.  I look like a blotchy mess because I cried pretty much the whole ceremony.

Lil sis AK (aka Sissy), myself, Big Sis, and Aunt Ann.  My big sis was preggo with twin boys here.  ;)

In Cali visiting Big Sis.  Aunt Ann braiding my hair.  She has been braiding my hair since before I could talk I think.  Also, please note I am pregnant here and in that awkward stage of "I don't look pregnant and just look like I packed on the pounds in my gut".

In Cali still.  Aunt Ann, Sissy, me, Big Sis

Aunt Ann with my silly nephews, Jon-Jon and Jack-Attack

Aunt Ann holding Princess and P-Man for the first time!

Summer 2010.  Aunt Ann and Sissy came to help keep the bambinos while I had to work.

Love you more than you know, Aunt Ann!

Much love,


  1. This is so sweet! What a special lady. Saying a prayer for Aunt Ann's healing right now!

  2. Definitely a special person..... Had to be to put up with all those Scriber boys. WOW! I smile just thinking about that!