Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Faces

Watching my kids grow, learn, and have new experiences are a few of the best things about being a mommy.  It's amazing to see things from their eyes when they learn to say a new word or finally learn how to put the square in the square-shaped hole.  Cliche, I know - but true nonetheless.  My other favorite part of being a mommy is the faces and gestures my kiddos learn.  And let me tell you, they have an endless repertoire.  They make me smile every time.  So I thought I'd share with you.

For your viewing pleasure...





Hmmm... let's see...


Muahahaha.  I am Sneaky and found Daddy's abnormally large shoe.

I am Sneaky, too, and found Daddy's other abnormally large shoe.  And Gee, that boy in the oven is handsome.



... I'm not really sure what she was saying or doing here, but it made me smile anyway!

Muah!  Kisses for Mommy!

Chomp!  I take "Scriber bites" from bananas.

That's enough of the picture taking.  All Done!

Mommy!!!  Daddy!!!  Yay!!!

I think this is her saying Rawrrrr!!!!  again.  Although we were watching turtles at the zoo here, so perhaps we need to spend a little more time studying animal noises.

Caught ya!

Ahhhh!!!!  This feels so good!!!!  It's 110 degrees!!!

Ohhhh!!!!  I got water up my nose!!!!  But it still feels good because it's 110 degrees!!!


Annnnnd Byyeeeeeee!

Much love,

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