Monday, July 25, 2011

Tantrums and Taylor Swift

This weekend the hubs planned to have a work day at his hunting camp in West Texas with my dad.    Before my dad arrived on Friday evening, El Cubano cut the grass.  Our kids get mesmerized when they see Daddy cutting the grass in the back yard.  They stare at him through the window just watching.  Here's a video for ya.  (My apologies for my in-capabilities when  it comes to videography and for the way I sound all nasally when recorded.)

My dad offered to keep the kids Friday night so hubs and I could go grab a bite to eat.  We met up with a few friends after dinner which was fun, but had to head home shortly because Cubano was getting up at 4am to head to the hunting camp.

I had the bambinos all day Saturday by myself.  Pricess like to get up early, so she was up before 6.  We snuggled a little bit and then went to wake up "Bubba", as she calls her brother.  I really should take a video of her doing this.  She walks into their room and goes straight for his crib, pointing at him, saying, "BUBBA!!!"  It's so sweet how they love on each other.  :)  I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, which they love!
(P-man is sort of attached to this RV at the moment.  I have no idea why, but whatevs.  He could be attached to worse things.)

We had a fun morning of playing together, going for a long walk, and then a trip to Target.  How do I take them to the store by myself, you ask?  Oh, simple.  I just have to awkwardly push a stroller and pull a buggy.  Thanks for having two-seater buggy, Target.  Oh wait...  They were also restocking the shelves at the time of day that I went so there were carts everywhere!  Which made it even more difficult to maneuver through the aisles with my load.  I'm not upset about it or anything.
After our outing, we played some more.  Then I fixed yummy roast beef/provolone sandwiches for lunch.  But Princess had a little meltdown and didn't want to eat.  Time like these reeaaaaallly push my patience.  Full-on drama city:

But... at least she woke up from her nap feeling much better!

And everybody loves snacktime!

After snacktime, we had a little jam session.  My babies like to dance, and I encourage that. :)  Here's my Princess dancing to Taylor Swift's Sparks Fly.

El Cubano came back Saturday evening and we went for a long walk to Tappy's Yogurt.  (I looove this place.  It's frozen yogurt and you get to pick as many flavors and toppings as you want.  You just pay by the weight.)  It must have been Twin Night at Tappy's because there were two other sets of twins there - one set was 11, the other 8 months.  It seems like yesterday that my set was 8 months old and 11 years old seems like forever away.  Although, I know it's not.  While we don't wish for time to go by fast, we do look forward to all the new experiences that we will get to have with them as they get older.  Like watching a first dance recital or baseball game.  :)
Sunday morning we went to church.  That afternoon I had some "me" time and got my mani/pedi that I so desperately needed.  After the chirrens woke up from their nap, we did a little shopping at Grapevine Mills.  The hubs has lost some major weight and all his clothes are 4 sizes too big.  He really needed a new pair of jeans so we were on the hunt.  He found a pair, but I think he is having buyer's remorse today.  I'm curious to see if he will keep them or return them. ;)
Tomorrow afternoon I am headed to Vegas!  It's for work and I know we will be really busy while we are there, but it's still a fun destination.  I'm hoping we are able to squeeze in a little fun while there.  I'll report back after I recover.  I mean, return.

Much love,

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