Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Happens in Vegas...

... does not stay in Vegas.  Just saying.  The headaches and body aches come home with you, people.   I'm actually being dramatic.  I went to Vegas last week for a shoe show.  We were looking at Spring 12 shoes.  I know... it's kind of hard to imagine.  Spring 2012.  We just got done with Spring 11, for crying out loud!  But thus is the way it goes in my shoe world.  There were four of us from the office that went.  And lucky for me, the 3 peeps that I travel are all pretty awesome so that makes traveling much more fun.  As far as the show goes, we had a great show and were really productive, which always makes this OCD control freak feel great.  :)  So what shoes will you be wearing next spring??  Well, if you're into '70s fashion, you are in for a TREAT. It's coming back in a big way.  Think: bright colors, platforms, flatforms, chunky heels, wooden heels, color blocking.
We were able to have some fun while there too.  It is Vegas, after all.  But luckily, none of us woke up with a tiger in the bathroom.  Though I seriously would not have been surprised if that had happened to one of my co-workers.  There's always next time...

Much love,

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