Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos, Abuela!

Hey there!  Bet you thought I'd fallen off the blogging band wagon didn't you?  Not so fast.  I have been working like a mad woman.  This time of year is super busy with Back to School and Fall shipments arriving daily, as well as buying for Spring 12.  I have been putting in some major hours at work, so once I finally make it home, we have some family time and then I try to fit in a run.  Which means I'm exhausted at the end of the day.  Yaaaay, busy season.  Bleh.  But through the madness, the hubs, kiddos, and I made a weekend trip down to Houston last weekend.  This was a trip that my hubs had planned for a while.  You see, it was my mother-in-laws's birthday on Saturday.  I have to say, I got really lucky in the mother-in-law department.  She has been really great to me and she loves our kids dearly.  She is always willing to come help us out when we need help.  Her (and my father-in law's) generosity is overwhelming, and I am forever grateful that they have been put into my life.  The hubs really wanted to do something special for his mommy since she is always doing things for others. He decided he wanted to surprise his mom for the weekend.  My father-in-law, brother-in-law, and my precious nieces were there as well, so it made for a special weekend for Mama O (as I like to call the MIL). 
We arrived down in Houston at Mama O's house right before dinnertime.  She wasn't at home when we arrived, but pulled in just shortly after us.  She was very surprised that we were there, and happy that we came down to see her.  We all went to dinner Friday night at the yummy Don Pico's Mexican restaurant.

Saturday morning we took Papa O's boat out in Galveston Bay.  
Papa O and P-man
Mama O with Emma Kate and Kara Lou
Daddy with Princess.  She's not exactly excited to be wearing a life jacket.
And what's a visit to the grandparents without some ice cream??

Saturday night we got a family friend to watch the bambinos so we could take Mama O out for a nice dinner. We all went to Perry's Steakhouse and had a yummy meal.

With my precious nieces.
MMMM... Banana's Foster!!!  Everyone else was too full so myself and Kara Lou had it alllll to ourselves.  And we ate it all, just for the record.
Everyone at dinner.   :)

Hope you had a great weekend, too.  I promise to be back soon.  It's all relative, right?

Much love,

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