Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bubba/Sissy love

This weekend was pretty low key for the most part.  On Saturday morning, I was a hostess for a baby shower for a girl at church.  There were lots of ladies that came to the shower and mommy-to-be got lots of great stuff!
All the hostesses with mommy-to-be!  I'm so thankful to know all of these girls.  :)
What baby shower is complete without delicious brunch??  I made pumpkin bread for the shower and it turned out delicious!!!  And only 198 calories per slice, might I add.  You can get the recipe here!

The rest of the weekend was spent as a family.  People often talk about how twins have this sort of "connection."  And I suppose if you were to look at how my twins interact with each other, you would say that's true.  They are just over a year and half old and they are interacting more and more with each other.  Even if they weren't twins, I would want my kids to always know how precious their sibling (s) are.  I hope that even when they grow up and have kids' themselves that they are close to each other and can depend on each other when needed.  We definitely encourage sharing and loving on each other.  And it is absolutely one of the the most adorable things I've ever seen when my little ones want to hold hands or give each other hugs.  My heart melts.  They refer to each other as Bubba and Sissy.  Princess is especially fond of saying, "Bubba??" when P-man is not around.  It's like she knows that he should always be with her.  Here are some pics from our weekend together!

My baby girl.  She loves to sit with Mommy.
Who can resist that sweet baby love???
Mi princesita

I'm not sure how her smiles always turn into this face, but it always makes me laugh!

P-man is a silly boy!
I am just now noticing that P-man apparently cut his gum between his two front teeth.  Is that bad?

Playing together!  For this moment anway...

Peekaboo, Bubba!
Such a ham.
Dimples, oh my!
Kisses for Bubba!
Hugs for Sissy!

Sunday morning before we headed to church, these munchkins were looking so sweet I couldn't help but take more pictures!  Notice how Princess sits there like a good little girl, but P-man is all boy and can't really sit still so his legs are in a different spot each time.  Ah, boys.

And I snapped this picture last night when they were playing.  My heart melts... again.

Ok, enough gushing over how cute my bambinos are.

Much love,

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