Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Bucket List: #5. Check.

#5.  Go Ice Skating

I'm sure you're thinking what my Hubs was thinking... Which was, Really?  Well, yes really.  I know the twinsies are only (almost) two, but I still thought this would be fun to try.
On Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Frisco Square, where they had lots of Christmas-y stuff going on.  One of which was ice skating.  I had a go at it first just to make sure I could balance myself... and then add a child in the mix.  It's been... hmmmm, too many years... since I've been ice skating.  Like maybe 15 years or so...  so I really wasn't sure if I would eat it or not.  I was wobbly at first, but it came back to me.

We then went to get skates for Princesita.  I thought that she might be better at than P-Man.  Mainly because she's a little more patient with things during playtime.

Tiny little ice skates!

Lacing up

Ready to skate. And I mean, seriously... how cute is a two year old in ice skates?!?!

Princess was pretty wobbly and I had to hold her up most of the time.  She wouldn't even take steps in her skates to get close to the ice.  And she wouldn't just let me slide her.  She would just move her legs around and they were going in different directions.  Hopefully she still had fun!

We then asked P-Man if he wanted to try it and he said he did, so we got more tiny little ice skates and laced him up.  And he did so great!  As soon as he was ready to go he walked up to the ice and off he went.  I had to still hold his hands, but he did most of the balancing and sliding on his own.  I was really surprised because I thought he would just be all over the place (since that's how he normally is).  But he did great and he had fun!
Lacing him up.  

His skates actually looked a little like mini-hockey skates.  To which I say:  How precious is a two year old in mini-hockey skates?!?!

Eager to get on the ice.

Having fun!

Yay, P-Man!

This was a fun new thing to try with them.  Hubs didn't try it... we didn't really think it was necessary to pay another $10 to skate for 10 minutes.  But maybe next year the four of us can all do it!

Much love,

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  1. LOVE. So glad you guys are having fun. Being a parent is the coolest thing ever. Merry Christmas!