Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Bucket List: #8. Not Gonna Happen

#8.  Go For a Carriage Ride

So when we were up in Frisco Square this past weekend, one of the attractions was Carriage Rides.  They didn't start doing the rides until after dark and since we arrived in mid-afternoon, we had some time-killing to do.  After we attempted ice skating, we just walked around the square for a little bit and then grabbed a bite to eat.  After we ate supper, it was dark and we figured we'd make our way back over to where all the action would be.   We soon discovered that thousands of people had arrived in the hour that we were eating dinner.  It was packed.  I found the line where the carriage rides were, and we got in line to wait our turn.  The line wasn't too terribly long, so I thought within the next half hour we'd be well on our way in a dang carriage.

Or so I thought.

Apparently the "line" we were standing in, wasn't really even a line.  It was just people standing there.  In a line.  But not waiting in line.  (Confusing, I know.)  A lady that was standing behind me started babbling about putting her name a list.  What?  There's a list?  A list to get in line?  To ride in a carriage??  Yes.  You had to put your name on a list, and then come back and get in line to ride in carriage.

I soon spotted the lady taking names. She was wearing a cowboy hat and flanked with a clipboard.  Taking names, indeed.  She was less than thrilled to be taking names and standing in the cold.

"How many?"
Ignoring the fact that I'm still standing there
"So how does this work exactly?  How long is the wait?"
*Huffs loudly*  "About an hour..."

Say what??  An HOUR?

I broke the news to Hubs and he was in agreement that maybe we should try something else in the meantime and then we could check our status later.

Right across the way there was a little train ride, so we decided to go get in yet another line.  But this time, it was really a line.  We waited for about 30-40 minutes, which seems like forever when it's cold out and you're bambinos are getting bored from sitting in a stroller.  Hubs and I took turns strolling the kiddies around the square while the other waited in line for the train.  They had a "sledding hill" where you could slide down a snow hill on an inner-tube.  It looked really fun, but P-Man and Princess did not meet the height requirements.  And they couldn't have sat with us in the inner-tube either.  Besides the fact that the line for sledding was about ohh.... a MILE long.   So we just parked the stroller on one side of the hill and they would watch people slide down the hill.  They were mesmerized with it and would say, "Weeeee!"  when they were coming down.

We also had some hot chocolate while waiting in line.  (I really should have titled this post about waiting in line...  it's starting to sound like that's all we did...)

Finally, we were able to take the little train ride.  (Enough of this waiting in line crap!)  The kiddies are really into trains right now, so they had fun saying, "Choo Choo!!"  the whole ride and waving at people as we passed.

While on our train ride, we also saw the "horsey" with the carriage.  By the time we were done with our train ride, we really needed to get the kids home.  It was getting late for them and it was pretty chilly out.

Sorry, kids, but it's looking like the carriage ride ain't gonna happen this year.  Unless for some strange reason we find a carriage ride in Miami Beach.  But I'm thinking that the odds aren't looking so good...

You'll have to settle for a train ride instead.

Much love,

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