Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pig Roast

After we had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at Aunt Ann's, Hubs, Sissy and I hopped in the car and headed down to Baton Rouge.  My friend Ally let us stay with her for the night.  We got in town around 6 and just lounged around catching up and watching the Texas-Texas A&M game...

The next morning Hubs was nice enough to go get me the wonderful coffee known as CC's.  (That's Community Coffee for those needing the 411.  And I know I'm biased and all, but seriously, that coffee is SOOOO much better than Starbucks.)
Anyhoodle, we headed out for campus around 8ish and made it to tailgate spot #1 by around 8:30.  We chatted with some old friends and then we took Sissy to the bookstore to look around.  They had this LSU motorcycle in the middle of the store so, of course, we had a photo op.

We then continued walking around campus, where I was able to see KJoly (!!!!) and catch up with her for a few minutes.  We then headed for a photo op at the Mike statue in front of the stadium.

And from there, we went to Mike's Cage.  Unfortunately, he wasn't in there (again!).  They must keep him inside for most of gameday or something because I never see him on gameday.  :(

We did a little more tailgate-hopping and ended up at B's tailgate.  They were gracious enough to offer us a little lunch, so we ate a little something and then the team buses arrived at the top of the Hill.  B put AK on his shoulders so she could see everyone come down...

Funny story... Jordan Jefferson stopped near where we were standing and he was talking to someone.  I leaned over and asked B, "Who is he talking to??"  B replied, "I don't know... his lawyer??"  haha!  Good one, B.

We then headed down towards the bottom of the hill to scope out a good spot to watch the band when they came down the hill.  We got a great spot, right where they would stop, and under a tree.  We were about the 3rd row deep, so we knew that once AK got on Cubano's shoulders she should have a great view.

Mike coming down...

Ready to see the band already!

Cheerleaders doing their thang.

We could hear the band coming, so we hoisted her up!

Golden Girls

The stopped right in front of us!


In the stadium!

Mike making his way around.

The band taking the field for Pre-Game.

Taking it all in!

Here comes the team!

Scoring a touchdown!

Watching the confetti fall after the touchdown.  She was loving the confetti!



I'm happy to report that LSU beat Arkansas 41-17 and improved their record to 12-0 for the first time in school history.  They will play in the SEC Championship this weekend versus Georgia in Atlanta.  Even if we lose that game, the "experts"  (whoever they are) are saying that LSU should/will play for the National Championship.  I'm proud to be a Tiger!

Much love,

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