Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Randomness and Spontaneity at its best

Following the LSU game, we drove straight back to Ruston.  And thanks to a certain 2-lane highway that is now 4 lanes with a higher speed limit, we made excellent time.  We left right around 5:30 and walked in the house at about 9:10.  And that was WITH a pit stop for food, bathroom, and cracklins. (What???  Too Cajun for you?  Too bad.)
It used to take at least 4 hours to make the trip from BR to Ruston. The speed limit was 55 for the 2-hour stretch of 2-lane highway when I was in college.  But that's not really the point of this post...  I'm not really sure what the point actually IS, but I know what it's NOT.  Anyhoodle...

Saturday morning we took the kiddies and AK over to the Metropolis of Monroe and went to the mall (waste of time) and to Academy.  That afternoon, I was flipping through the wonder that is Facebook and saw that one of my college friends was in Ruston that day for the Tech game!  Well I immediately said that we must get together.  

My friend Honey Bee (that's what I will call her here... but believe it or not, is a very accurate representation of her real name) and I met in college where we were members of the same sorority.  And strangely enough, the guy she was dating (and had been dating since high school) went to play football at a school called Louisiana Tech, which is located in my hometown of Ruston!  Small World.  We would often see each other on weekend trips to Ruston when she was visiting her bf and I was visiting my fam.  And one time, she was following me on the drive to Ruston and my car blew up and almost killed her.  
(Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic, but my car did overheat or something and there was smoke coming out of my car and I couldn't see Honey Bee behind me and I thought I might have killed her...)  But thank the Lord she was following me and was able to give me a ride to Ruston.  Ah, memories.
So anyway, Honey Bee and her former-football-player-now-husband were in town for the Tech game and she was able to swing by my house for a few minutes so we could chat and catch up and let our kiddies meet each other.  It was the most random thing, but awesome all at the same time!

Princess giving the stink eye to Lando. Honey Bee, me, and P-Man.

Princess still giving the stink eye.  But at least everyone else is happy!

And that's it for NaBloPoMo, folks!  I did it! Yay, me!  I know some of you will be sad that I'm not posting every day and others are rejoicing.  Either way, there's still more of me to come!  Just maybe not  

But I will sign off of NaBloPoMo 2011 with these cuties.  You're welcome.

Much love,

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