Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

This Thanksgiving we were in my hometown of Ruston celebrating with my family.  The kiddies had a great time with Papa G, Mama Rach, and Aunt AK!

Papa G reading to Princess

 Building blocks

 Aunt AK showing Princess the secrets of the magical iPad.

We went to Aunt Ann's house to have Thanksgiving lunch and it was delicioso.
 P-man chewing on his ball.

Since the weather was absolutely perfect, after lunch we all headed outside for some fun.

And you know Papa G had to relive his glory days of b-ball.


P-man and Princess playing with a very old Frisbee.

Princess couldn't let Papa G have all the fun.  She wanted to play basketball too.  
(This is ALL TOO familiar to me.  As I used to watch Big Sis and Dad play basketball outside and would try my best to be in the way so they finally had to let me play.)

Much love,

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