Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amish Achieved

Well, folks, we did it.  One whole week without technology.  It was hard and easy all at the same time.  Hard in the sense that checking my email on my phone is something I could do in my sleep, and that text messaging is a prime means of communication these days.  And the challenging part was actually breaking the habit of reaching for my phone or computer to click around on something to pass the time.  Or turning on the tube to see what prank Jim would play on Dwight this week.
Yet at the same time, the challenge was easy in the sense that once I got over the natural reaction to reach for my phone and click on my email, I really didn't mind the fact that I wouldn't be reading my emails for a week.  Or answering texts.  Or watching all 57 of my DVR'd TV shows.

Ya know the saying "The quite is deafening"?  The first part of the week, I kind of felt like that.  Like, it was TOO quiet.  After the kids went to bed on Monday night, Hubs was leaving the house and I literally said, "What am I going to do??"  And laundry wasn't really high on my priority list.  (It actually wasn't even on the list.)  I ended up doing some reading, relaxing, and getting some much-needed extra rest by going to sleep early.  And when I say "early", I mean like asleep getting my REM-cycle on by 9pm.
But I really learned to enjoy the quiet.  When I think about it, there really aren't that many times during the day when I'm awarded quiet.  If I really boil it down, it's extremely minimal.  There is always some sort of noise that is distracting me.  So it was nice for a week to just be quiet. Not that I was like silent or something... (hellooooooooooooo??  Have you met me??)  I just mean that without all the normal distractions that I would usually have to fill the spare minutes during the day, it was a time for me to just be quiet and still and in the moment, and not hurried for once.

It was also a great time for us as a family to spend some great quality time together.  We played and laughed together with the kids without even the thoughts of email or TV.  And Hubs and I had actual conversations.  And that's a treasure.  :)

My highlight of the week?  I got mail.  A card in the mail.  From Overachiever Runner's wife.  She's an old soul like me and still believes in the snail mail.  Yay!  Speaking of old souls - I could totally see us living in the 50s, dresses and white gloves and all.  Except that then we would have had to wear pantyhose and girdles every day, and I'm not down with that.  And the fact that our mouths would have probably gotten us into trouble. But anyway... I digress.
Thanks for the card, Friend!  Cause there's nothing better than getting a card in the mail with a sweet little note in it.

One major thing Amish week did was open my eyes to just how dependent we (as a society - self included) have become on technology.  I don't guess I had realized just how much... I mean, everything I need is on my phone or computer.  And it's totally convenient and useful and efficient and I'm totally down with that.  That is, if I'm actually using my phone or computer.  I didn't really fully think it through until certain moments throughout the week:

Need to look up an address for someone?  On my phone.  That coupon I needed to use at the store?  In my email.  A calendar date to see if I'm free next weekend?  On my phone.

But my thoughts to most it was, "Eh.  It can wait."  And guess what?  It did wait.  AND I SURVIVED to tell the tale.

Much love,

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