Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Bucket List: #3. Check.

#3.  Go see Santa.

This past weekend, we did just that.  Last year was the kids' first Christmas and I had heard from a friend that the downtown Neiman's was a really good place to go.  She said that the store is always decorated really pretty and the Santa is awesome.  They also have "tubes" that run all around the corner of their store and run inside through their store windows.  The older kids are able to go through the tubes.  Once ours are old enough I think they will love to do it!  Last year we had GREAT success with the Santa picture.  I got one of them BOTH smiling and BOTH looking at the camera, at the same time.  We also got one of them both looking up at Santa.  The pictures are SO precious and priceless.  We didn't have that kind of luck this year.  Not that I really expected us to, but one can hope, right?
So, Saturday morning we loaded up to go downtown to Neiman Marcus to see Santa.  The line forms before he even arrives, so we got there a little early and got a spot.  Papa G, Mama Rach, and AK were in town so we were able to walk around the store a little bit while keeping our spot in line.  We saw Santa come down the stairs to sit on his chair and Princess looked excited, so I thought, oh, maybe this won't be so bad.  P-Man on the other hand, looked very unsure of this big guy in a red suit. But we kept talking to him about sitting on Santa's lap and I was still holding out for the best.  But alas, he was not happy AT ALL when Papa G put him on Santa's lap.

In line!

The pretty tree when you walk in the store

Stacks of presents behind Santa's chair.

Getting a sneak peak at Santa. Feeling optimistic at this point.

Not so optimistic at this point.

Trying to bribe them with snacks.

Here's how the official picture came out.  Everyone has this in their collection, right??

There's always next year!

Much love,

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