Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Bucket List: #2. Check.

#2 on the Holiday Bucket List was to bake and decorate Christmas cookies.  We baked them one night and then decorated them the next night. I was a little apprehensive about this little project because of the amount of mess that could potentially be involved, but I let loose and the kids did great.

There might be little bit of picture overload going on... sorry...

Got the dough rolled out and we're ready to go with the cookie cutters!

Watching like good little students

P-Man's done learning and ready to DO!

Princess wasn't too sure about the dough.  I think the texture was weird for her.  She didn't want to really touch it.

The next night we were ready to decorate our cookies.  And, of course, eat a few as well.

Daddy helping baby girl decorate

P-Man helping Mommy

Eating up all the scraps.

Princess needed more icing

Trying to feed Mommy a cookie.

I love seeing the icing all over their faces!

But I'll have you know that we took them straight from here to the bath.

Much love,

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