Monday, December 19, 2011

The Adventures of Dobby

Here's what Dobby has been up to lately!

Day 10:  Hiding in the flowers

Day 11:  Hanging from the kitchen light fixture 

 Day 12:  Catching up on emails 

Day 13:  Zip-lining through the kitchen 

  Day 14:  Reading about Jesus

Day 15:  Dobby made it snow!

Day 16:  Hanging with the Christmas cards

Day 17:  On a shelf. 
(Jen would be proud.  Read this hilarious blog about Elf On the Shelf.  Warning: language not appropriate for preschoolers, but funny)

Day 18: In a globe

Day 19:  Propped on top of our Gingerbread house

Stay tuned for more adventures of Dobby!

Much love,

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