Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thanks Jars

Yesterday afternoon I put together some "Thanks Jars" for us and the kids.  This is very easy and quick!

What you will need:
Two glass jars (any kind)
Sticker letters
Scrapbook paper
Craft/Christmas lights

How to do it:
Put the the sticker letters on the Jars.  I put "Give" on one and "Thanks" on the other.  I plan on using this every year for Thanksgiving and wanted each of the kiddos to have a jar, so I made two.  You can easily just do one.

Cut up srapbook paper into note-size pieces.  (I found a large book of Fall Scrapbook paper on sale at Michaels.)

Put the small strand of lights into each jar.  Write something that you are thankful for on your pieces of paper and fill your jars.

Yesterday Princess said she was thankful for "books" while P-Man said he was thankful for "forks."
Today Princess said she was thankful for "daddy" and P-man couldn't really decide what he was thankful for. But books seemed to be a good choice.  :)

Much love,

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