Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy birthday, Hubs!

Today is Hubs' birthday!  I think I get more excited about it than he does.  I'm all like, "What do you want to do for your birthday??!?!?!!?"  And he's all, "Hmmm, I don't know... probably just keep it low-key.  Hang out with the kids."  Very anti-climactic for me.  But... if that's what the man wants, then that's what he gets!

We did take him to dinner last night because he really wanted Mexican, so we did that for him.  And I've been trying to teach the kiddos to sing "Happy Birthday."  P-Man isn't interested in learning, but Princess almost has it down.  It's SO cute to hear her try to say that mouthful!  
Coloring and eating some chips 

Super serious about coloring

She loved the salsa! ha

After dinner, we went to the store to buy cupcakes and ice cream (BAD wifey for not baking!!) for Daddy and I swear to you this happened...  We picked out the cupcakes for Hubs and P-man screeeeaaams in the store saying, "I want cupcake!!"  Where do they learn this stuff??!?!?!?

He cried all the way home from the store, but we were good on our word and gave him a cupake...

We don't really give them sweets very much, so they really enjoyed eating cake.  And maybe Mommy did too.  :)

Anyhoodle... Love you very much, Hubs, and look forward to many more birthdays as a family!

Much love,

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