Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fort Knox is being build behind my house

The neighborhoods in Dallas are a lot different from the neighborhoods in my little ole hometown of Ruston.  Most of the neighborhoods here have "allys" in the back of the houses, and that's where everyone accesses their driveway/garage.  It makes everyone's homes very closed off.  When we had some new people move into the house behind ours (about a year ago), they built a brand new beautiful fence.  Except the fence literally enclosed their entire driveway and yard.  They installed a gate for their driveway and the fence is like 12 feet tall.  So, in short... we NEVER see them. If we do, we see them in their car pulling in or out of their driveway and we simply wave. No small talk at all.  Hubs and I nicknamed their "fortress" Ft. Knox because it's so tall and enclosing that you can't see in or out.  And now the people that live next door to Ft. Knox are building Ft. Knox part two.  Their fences border each other and they are making it the same height, including the moving gate across the driveway.  Don't get me wrong, the fence is extremely nice, and if we installed that kind of fence it would actually make us have a much larger "yard".  But I guess it makes me a little sad to know that we won't really see the neighbors anymore.  What happened to the day when everyone knew their neighbors? When the neighbors could pop on over when they needed something?  When the kids would play with each other?  I guess they are long gone...  : /

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  1. We had an electric gate at our old house in coppell - we didn't have any houses behind our house though. But it did double the size of our yard (even if it was just a concrete driveway) and Lucy loved it! We actually had to take her to get her nails trimmed for the first time in 4 years since she hasn't had ant concrete to file them down! But I totally agree, coming from Wimberley, no one had fences and all the kids in the neighborhood all played together - I never "knew" any of my neighbors :(