Monday, October 3, 2011

Is it just me or are my kids getting cuter?

I know... seems impossible, right?  They are super cute already, but they are taking it to the next level.  Check out these photos I snapped with my phone this weekend.

When I lean down to snap a pic, she thinks she needs to squat, too.  She admires me.  I can't blame her.
P-man seriously moves allllll the time, which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture better than the ones below. 

 Again with the squatting??
Trying to get us together...

 Tigers are #1!  (Future cheerleader??)
We tried to get Bubba in, but it wasn't working.

I just want to squeeze that little face!!

So Hubs and I both had half-days on Friday (along with someone to pick-up bambinos and put them to bed) and we were able to spend the entire afternoon/evening/night together.  It was awesome to just have a lazy day together.  We spent most of the afternoon at Northpark mall (hubs=awesome).  And then we ate dinner on a patio of a tapas place. 

Saturday morning I got my work-out on at the gym and then watched the kiddies while hubs mowed our grown-out-for-a-month grass that's pretty much dead.  (I guess it's a good thing fall is here so we don't really have to worry about grass being brown?  Someone say yes.)  We watched LSU win their (stupidly early) game and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids once they got up from a nap.  El Cubano had plans with some fellas that night so I took the kids to our neighborhood's National Night Out thingy.  It's normally a really good time where the neighbors that live on our adjacent streets have a block party complete with hamburgers and hot dogs.  And it was still fun this year except I didn't have anyone helping me coral my children, who wanted to run in the street and touch the hot grill.  So needless to say I wasn't able to stay very long and everyone looked on as my daughter had a full-on temper tantrum about leaving.  ( I'm SO excited about the Terrible Two's I can hardly stand it.  And Teenage Hormones?  Bring it on... I can't wait.  SIKE.)

After church on Sunday, Hubs went to get his work-out on, came home, and I went to get my mani/pedi on.  We took the kiddies to the mall to run around for a bit which they loved.  Except there are always the way too big and old kids running around and screaming and scaring my kids.  But I'm cool with that.  Sort of. 

And no Sunday night is complete without The Amazing Race!  Sneaky, sneaky, Amazing Race, for putting up a little sign that teams are supposed to just happen to notice.  

And now it's Monday again.  Boo.  Who's ready for Friday?!?!

Much love,

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