Monday, August 22, 2011

Football season is drawing near...

If you know nothing else about me, you should know that I love LSU football.  There is just something about the start of football season that sends me into a state of blissfulness.  You see, I grew up on LSU football and in a family that loves it almost more than life itself.  I had been to many games in Tiger Stadium as a child, but it was a totally different experience to enter the stadium as a student.  Nicknamed "Death Valley", LSU's Tiger Stadium is like no other.  I can vividly remember walking up the ramps and through the archways into the stadium for my first game as a student.  Priceless.  And a feeling like no other.  The experience I had watching LSU games from the student section are some of the most cherished times of my student-life at LSU.
And so, here we are.  The end of August drawing near and fall just around the corner. Which means it's still blazing hot down here in Texas/Louisiana.  But that's ok;  We're used to sweating it out during the first month of football season.  Lucky for us, the first game of the season will take place in Dallas, Texas at Cowboys Stadium.  LSU will take on the #3 ranked Oregon Ducks.  We will have lots of friends in town for the game and I'm looking forward to having a big tailgate party with all of them!
Rumor has it that some of our LSU players got into a bar brawl and could be facing charges.  Which means they could be benched for the game.  Stoooooooopid, boys.  We'll see how that turns out...
In any case, we are getting ready for football season in our house.  I tried on some LSU stuff on the kiddies last night and gosh, I tell ya, they look good in purple and gold.  I am demanding hoping that they follow in their parents' footsteps and attend LSU.  :)
What a pretty purple princess.

If I could get into LSU, I'd quit daycare.

Only 12 days left until kickoff!  (not that I'm counting or anything...)

Much love,


  1. SO excited that I'm not the only one excited about the upcoming football season. Geaux Tigers!

  2. You are def not the only one!! It can't come soon enough!