Thursday, July 14, 2011

My New Favorite TV Show

Swamp People.  Do you watch it??? The show follows alligator hunters in south Louisiana during their 30 day hunting season.  While I wasn’t easily enticed to watch the show at first, my hubs had it on TV one day while the kids were playing and it totally got me hooked (so to speak).  The show is filled with drama, suspense and action.  And these people sure do make for good TV.  If you haven’t been watching, start.  Here’s a few reasons why:  (and if you already watch the show, you should can read my list and smile knowing that you love all these things about the show, too).

  • There is something about these people that is so raw and real that there’s no way they could script these characters. 
  • All of them have learned to “live off the land” to provide for their families. 
  • You could never throw one of them into a big city with a desk job… they would go crazy.  And I think there’s something admirable about that.
  • When the cast was asked to describe the swamp in one word, these were their answers:  Beautiful. Awesome. Amazing, Home. Relaxation. Peaceful. Heaven. Paradise.  My World.
  • The hunting teams are made up of mostly families; or family friends that they have known their entire lives.
  • Their Cajun accents are so profound that subtitles are needed for most of the show.
  • They are fearless.
  • They are smart, in their own way.  They know everything there is to know about the swamp and ‘gator huntin’ and all that entails.
  • They love the swamp and call it home.
  • They have nicknames for the big gators, such as Godzilla
Here are some of my favs from the cast:
Jacob and Troy Landry.  Father/son duo.  Troy is my alltime fave.  He's a joker.
Troy's sharp-shooter, Liz.  I like her for obvious reasons:  She shoots things.  And has a loud mouth.
Another father/son duo.  Junior and Willie Edwards.  One of my fave quotes of the show comes from Willie.  He once said, "I can't spell.  Can't read much o' anything.  But I know everything there is to know about the basin."  Willie can also pull in 700 pound alligators in open water by himself while smoking a cigarette.  Talent, I tell ya.  Hubs says I have a crush on Willie.
(step) father/son duo, Tommy and Trapper Joe.  They have a little drama going on because Tommy doesn't like to go to work sometimes.  And Joe likes to give Tommy a hard time about that.  
brothers Glenn and Mitchell Guist.  They hunt and eat anything and everything.  And they don't wear shoes.  One time their boat motor went out 2 miles from shore and Glenn had to paddle them back in.
This is Bruce.  He only hunts with his dog.  He feeds his dog Zebra cakes for snacks.  He always wears an American flag do-rag along with overalls.  Hubs says I have a crush on Bruce, too.

Gosh, these people make for good TV.  Swamp People airs Thursday nights at 8pm on the History Channel. You will not be disappointed.  I promise.

Much love,

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  1. Heck yeah, I love it...In fact, I TIVO it just to make sure I don't miss any episodes. Oh, and sometimes I'll go back and watch re-runs on :)

    I just hope it'll last a few seasons. I heard Troy was in Beaumont, TX a few weeks ago at the local Academy signing autographs...imagine that!