Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bin full of bottles

So the hubs and I have been doing some spring - errrr, summer - cleaning recently.  We have been needing to clean out our clutter for quite a while and it just seems like time slips away from us so easily.  But it's driving me absolutely bonkers having all this crap in my house.  If you know me even in the slightest, you know I don't like messes.  Messes stress me out.  And I don't like to be stressed out.  And when my house (or desk for that matter) is messy, it makes me feel like my whole life is messy.  And that, I just cannot deal with.

So while picking up some items around the house, I decided to clean out one of our cabinets in the kitchen.  The one that held all our baby bottles.  Now, our bambinos have been off bottles since months before turning one.  Ummm, why am I just now getting around this????  I should have put all of these away over 6 months ago!!  But I can't focus on that because that only stresses me out more than I'm already stressed out...  And can I just say, we have a TON of bottles.  This is a picture of a completely full plastic bin of bottles.

This includes some that I inherited from my sister and some given by generous mother in law.  But geez.  We have every kind imaginable. Different nipple shapes and every nipple size there is.  Drop-ins, no drop-ins, Colic something or another, inserts that take the bubbles out of the milk...  you name it, I bet we have it.  And if you don't have kids yet then I'm sure all you heard in those last sentences was "kdsfalsfnoierufkdsnfldksfj dosfiiiiienkmdduenbnlsiwennea;qoweernadfmnas;sdlfkn"  At least that's what it would have sounded like to me before I became a mommy and found out what a drop-in was.  And while I'm talking about bottles...  WHY ON EARTH does Babies R Us make you start with the bottles section when you create your registry??  I mean, a girl has got enough "what are those?  what is this? My body's gonna do what?" moments to deal with.  But we have to stress a girl out when she's supposed to be picking out all the fun stuff for the little bundle(s) of joy????  I'll be honest, I completely freaked and totally skipped that section because I could not deal with it.  There were waaaaay too many brands, sizes, and nipple talk that I had absolutely no idea where to begin.  Ok, enough about that.  I need to go finish watching all my Harry Potter movies before the new one comes out this weekend!!!!!!  And don't you worry.  I will be giving you a full report once I see it.  :)

Much love,


  1. I totally agree with the Babies R Us registry...I panicked and started in the bedding. Not that I knew what I was there either but it was prettier to look at :-)