Monday, July 11, 2011

Frat Boys

Fraternity boys and Sorority girls.  Everyone has a different perception of what that means and who “those people” are.  We were “those people.”  My hubs was a fraternity boy and I, a sorority girl.  There are lots of stigmas and stereotypes that go along with that, and some may be true, but that whole “you’re buying your friends” thing isn’t one of them.  Lemme tell ya, I couldn’t afford the friends I made in my sorority.  I met some of the brightest (hello, Dr. Neurosurgeon), most talented (hello, Ms. Theatre),  culturally well-rounded (hello, Italy), inspiring (hello, Fashion Designer), creative (hello, Wedding Planner), driven (hello, Law School), independent (hello, Oil Rig Internship with 100 guys), compassionate (hello, Teacher) girls in my sorority.  I also met some reeeeaaaallly fun girls, too.  But that’s a given, right?  I cherish the times I had with those girls and still talk to many of them to this day.  They are now ladies that have built beautiful families, careers and lives for themselves.  And I certainly know that if it hadn’t been for that house I might not have truly found out who I really was and what I was made of.  And I wouldn’t have met my hubs.  And how can you put a price on that?
Though I can’t really speak for my hubs… I will anyway.  ;)  He's still friends with many of his fraternity brothers.  We are lucky to have two of his brothers that live in the same town with us so we get to see them pretty often.    It’s wild to think that they have known each other for over 10 years.  This past weekend we were able to arrange a babysitter so we could all go out for some “grown-up” time.  We all had a blast together.   I’m thankful for these guys.  And their pretty counterparts, too.  J

The whole group at Cafe Izmir.  Which has yummy Sangria, by the way.

El Cubano y Mi.
Bobbert and his pretty counterpart, Molls.  They had a baby boy back in December.  They are sleepy.  And their conversations are limited to discussing diapers, feedings, and Yo Gabba Gabba.  And they like it that way.

The whole group at San Francisco Rose.  They had Karaoke, which means it was highly entertaining.  One sad dude sang Lying Eyes, which happens to be THE longest song ever and it was terrible.  We were all going to sing Callin' Baton Rouge, but we had to leave to relieve the babysitter.  Storyofmylife.

frat boys.  Bobbert, Cubano, and Cantrelle.  aren't they cute?

The ladies.  That's Molls on the left, then me.  On the right is Cantrelle's lady freind and counterpart, Court.  Court likes to babysit.  We like Court.  We want Cantrelle to keep Court.

Court and Cantrelle like each other.  Sorta.

Aw, they do like each other.

Hope all of you had a fun weekend that was full of Karaoke Awesomeness and wasn't cut short by your babysitter*.

Much love,

*we really do love our babysitter and do not blame her for our own poor planning.

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