Monday, February 13, 2012

First Day

I can't remember if I told yall this or not, but I buy shoes for a living.  At least until last Friday.  I was previously a buyer at, buying footwear and accessories.  However, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go interview with another online retailer for an assistant buyer position.  I ended up accepting the position and today was my first day at my new employer.
Having worked at SHOEBACCA for nearly 5 years, it was bittersweet for me to leave.  I have learned so much there and was able to work my way up the ladder and experience so many different aspects of an online retail business.  I am forever grateful for having been a part of the journey and will sincerely miss the people that I worked with on a daily basis.  But after much prayer and consideration, I decided that my journey had come to an end at SHOEBACCA and I was ready to move on.

My new employer is another online retailer, though not in the footwear biz.  They sell intimates, lingerie, sleepwear, activewear, and the like.  I'm not going to post the name of it yet because, well... it's only day one and I'm not sure if I'll get in trouble or not.  :)  

The first day is always a little nerve wracking, right??  I mean, it's awkward being the new girl in a new place.  But all in all, it went really well and everyone was very nice to me.  I went to lunch with my buyer and another assistant buyer and I am looking forward to this new opportunity.  I'll keep ya posted!

Much love,

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  1. expanding your horizons of items you can buy for cheap too thanks to samples and discount?! :-)