Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Recap : Gold Game Edition

This past weekend, Hubs and I were able to take a day off of work and head down to Baton Rouge for the LSU / Florida match up.  We drove over to Ruston on Thursday evening and dropped the kids of at Papa G's house.  They had a blast playing outside, taking a trip up to Lowe's, and riding on Papa G's golf cart.  :) 

On the way to see Papa G!

We drove down to BR on Friday morning and made it there for a delicious lunch with friends at Chime's.  (If you have ever been to BR and not eaten at the Chime's, it's a MUST next time!)  

Passing through Port Barre.  This place is monumental in our circle of friends for reasons I'm still a little hazy on.  But whatevs.  It means we are getting close to Baton Rouge.  :)

After lunch with a few friends, we walked around on campus for a bit.  We made our way over to the Union where I picked up a copy of The Reveille, LSU's school newspaper.  Picking up the paper in the Union brought back so many memories of being a student at LSU. 

Walking through the Parade Grounds close to Memorial Tower.  People were already setting up their tailgate tents.

We stopped for a picture in the Crape Myrtles that line the Parade Grounds.  We took some engagement photos here almost 6 years ago.  Where does the time go??  (Seriously.  Where?)

We did lots of walking around that afternoon.  Which may or may not have been because I couldn't decide which gold shirt to purchase for the Gold Game.  (LSU picks one home game a year as the "Gold Game" where all fans are asked to wear Gold.) We were starting to get tired so we decided to head to Hotel de Stacy (our friends' who hosted us for the weekend).  We just hung with our amigos and ordered in food in order to prep for our early departure the next morning.

We headed to campus around 8am and started tailgating.  I did a little shopping for the kiddies (duh, they need prizes) and snapped a pic with the Mike statue.

Sorry so hazy... don't know what the deal is...  Perhaps my photog skillz are just too much for the iPhone?

We saw lots of friends while tailgating, including these fun girls!  We all had student jobs together and became great friends.  Miss you, Girls!!

Enjoying more tailgating!

 And kissing.  We are married.  It's allowed.

Finally in the stadium!

After the game, celebrating with B!

After the game, we went to dinner with peeps to celebrate our friend Lenes' birthday.  It was great to spend time with him and meet his sweet girlfriend.  There are always laughs to be had with our crowd, and they did not disappoint.  :)  After dinner, we were really pooped from the long day.  I passed out as soon as we were back at Hotel de Stacy.  And what time did I wake up on Sunday?????  Guess.  You'll never guess.  9AM.  MONUMENTAL.  And one last bonus before departing over the Baton Rouge Bridge... a lovely mochasippi from CC's.  (Starbucks ain't got nothing on CC's.  Thank you and Goodnight. Word.)

We had a great weekend seeing all our friends and going to the game.  This weekend we are headed back to Ruston for my 10 year high school reunion.  Again... Time?  Where did you go???  Oh well. At least I get another 1/2 day off of work out of this, right?

Much love,

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