Monday, June 27, 2011


I have been asked this question countless times.  It’s got to be the question I’ve been asked the most in my entire life.  And I’ve only had twins for 17 months.

On July 6th, it will mark TWO years since we found out we were expecting twins.  What a day that was.  Seeing two little heartbeats on a sonogram monitor screen.  And seeing my hubs’ reaction.  One of those moments that words can’t possibly describe because they could never do justice to that moment.  But it’s something like breathless, amazing, surreal, ecstatic, tears of joy, adrenaline rush, “my cup overfloweth” kind of moment.  People often ask us if we freaked out when we found out we were having twins.  The answer is no.  Sure, my hubs felt a tug at the ole purse strings, but really all we could feel was incredibly and richly blessed.  After many, many obstacles in trying to conceive and resorting to IVF (a whole other story on a whole other day), how could we possibly be freaked out by being blessed with TWO babies instead of one?? 

The first 2/3 of my pregnancy was pretty uneventful, followed by 2 ½ months on bedrest for the last third of my pregnancy (again, a whole other story on a whole other day).  Then the day came that we would finally meet our little bundles of joy.  At 36 weeks, 3 days gestation, I delivered one healthy little boy followed by a healthy little girl two minutes later.  Again, words can’t do justice to that moment.  It’s so surreal to have babies inside you one second, and then they are living, breathing, crying little human beings the next.  Best.Feeling.Ever.

The last 17 months have been a whirlwind.  But the best whirlwind of my life.  We often hear, “I can’t imagine having twins.  I don’t know how you do it.”  The reality is you would do it, too, if you had twins.  I mean, it’s not like we have a choice to feed one kid and not the other.  Well, maybe we do, but we'd prefer to keep CPS off our doorstep.  We do it because we have to. And because we kinda love our bambinos. 

The first time we saw them.  :)
Three days before they arrived.  I was large.  I know this.
Just minutes after being born.  Princess on bottom, P-man on top.
Six months old.
Their first birthday party.
14 months old in the Texas bluebonnets
Me and the Princess on Father's Day 2011.
P-man and pops this past weekend at the zoo.

My cup overfloweth indeed.  Blessings Galore.

Much love,

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