Thursday, July 26, 2012

NOLA anniversary

In continuation of our long Memorial Day weekend, Hubs and I left BR on Sunday morning and went down to New Orleans.  It had been a while since both of us have been together in New Orleans, so it was a fun day of walking around the quarter and enjoying the yummy food and drinks NOLA has to offer. 
Just another day in the quarter... a street band.

We made a stop at Johnny's PoBoys for lunch.  They were large, messy, and delicious!

Then we walked to Jackson Square for a touristy picture, of course.

We then decided to take a stroll down Bourbon St and stopped in Pat O's Piano Bar for some AC and refreshments.

I bought new sunglasses.  :)
Anniversary presents!

Note that my wrapping versus Hubs is a little different.

Much better...
Mignon Faget earrings!  Which I returned because I'm a bad wife and couldn't decide if I liked them or not.  But Hubs was cool with it.  :)

Cocktails at the Ritz (which was connected to our hotel) before our anniversary dinner.

We ate at Muriel's in Jackson Square at the advice of a friend.  It was very good!
Pedicab ride back to the hotel!
Needed to make a quick phone call.
We decided to try our luck at the casino for a spell.  And we won $50!

And one last stop before going home...

Beignets at Cafe du Monde!

Happy 6th Anniversary to my amazing Hubs.  So blessed.  :)

Much love,

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