Monday, June 20, 2011

Beginner Blogger

SO...  I have been saying for quite some time now that I was going to start a blog.  I guess it's about time I make good on that.  Especially now that I'm feeling the heat from other family members that have beat me to the punch!  :) Really the only thing that's been holding me back is thinking of a title for this darn thing.  There were lots of ideas that popped into my head (and some that were suggested by others) but nothing that really stuck out to me.  And then for some reason I started thinking about using the word "lagniappe" in the title.  For you non-Louisiana-folks out there, it's pronounced [lan-yap].  This word is commonly used in Louisiana, especially the Southern part,  and it means "a little something extra." The reason for using it in my blog title is because I feel like that's what life should be all about.  It's about all those little extra's, even the imperfect ones, that make life grand.  And, hey, what's life without love in it?? 
My life is constantly busy.  I know what you're thinking... "yeah, yeah... everybody's always busy."  But for the most part, my hubs and I fill our lives with the things we love.  So I thought I'd start a blog and  beginning sharing our adventures of the things we love to do and the people we love to do those things with.  Here's a list of loves on my mind right now (and not necessarily in this order):  family, friends, the Lord, travel, the outdoors, working out/running/yoga, LSU, food, and shoes.
I'm very much a beginner in the blogging world, but hopefully you will keep checking back with me to see what life's like for us.

Much love,

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